Packaging redesign for Stérimar


We won a competition!

A l’occasion d’une compétition d’agences, Sign & Volume a été choisie pour réaliser la refonte totale de la gamme Stérimar™ !

Stérimar™ New Packaging



Evolution of the iconic logo

You all know it, and had it in your bathroom at least once, the iconic Stérimar’s dolphin!

How can we redesign it to make it more modern without loosing its iconic shape?

Subtlety always lies in the details. We kept everything from the structure of the logo and adjusted a few elements. The typography, with its curves, required rework, so we restructured it to become more modern and give it more confidence. However, we kept the S and R larger so as not to disrupt the overall perception of the logo. The dolphin has also undergone a small facelift, its features are more assertive and close to the real proportions of the bottlenose dolphin but it retains its mischievous little look. The blue sphere always ties everything together in the background.
Stérimar™ logo evolution
When a client asks us to review the design of their packaging, we, designers, are always like children in front of an all-you-can-eat candy stand, it’s crazy!
So sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and want to revolutionize everything, change everything. That’s not always a good idea.
It is important to know what makes the brand identity in order to know what graphic element to absolutely keep. This is the case of the Stérimar dark blue wave. Very well known to consumers, it allows them to very quickly identify the product on the shelf. It was therefore essential not to distort it but simply to make it evolve. To breathe more life and naturalness into it, we kept its original shape and gave it depth and roughness through subtle textures. This way, we preserve its identity while giving it a new lease of life.
Sterimar™ Baby new packaging



How to renew a packaging already well known in its market 

The overhaul of the Stérimar range took place on 2 levels. The first challenge was to clarify and simplify the architecture of the range to make it easier for customers to understand. We decided to divide the products into 4 families classified by colour. Within each family, we distinguished the products in a monochrome representing the intensity of the symptoms to be treated. In this way, the product can be clearly identified by the consumer according to their needs.

The second challenge was to make the product look more natural without changing everything it, because consumers are already familiar with it. We therefore decided to keep the visual architecture of the pack unchanged, so that customers would always be able to recognise it at a glance on the shelf. We then added a modern, natural look and feel to the existing design.

First of all, the visibility of the product name block was increased, highlighting the product identification and on-shelf segmentation. The color palette of the segments has been revised so that it remains close to the shades already used by the brand, while moving towards more natural, soft and contemporary colors. The iconic wave kept its original shape, but has been given a new lease of life and naturalness through subtle graphic work. At its heart, we’ve added the words “100% natural seawater”, a key feature of Stérimar spray. Finally, at the bottom of the pack, we added elements such as dosage and product’s origin.



Sales tools to promote the design evolution

Once our job on the brand identity and the new range design done, it’s time to promote all this novelties!

To present and explain the new look to the sales force, we produced a reveal video unveiling the range’s new design. And to support the products and their new design in shops, we worked with Stérimar to come up with all the essential sales tools: Kakemono, posters, POS displays, etc.

Sterimar promotional tools

// Color research 

// Graphic proposals

// Packaging development

// Promotional tools creation

// 3D modeling


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