Chez Sign & Volume, graphic design home, We specialise in the design of your product packaging, but not only! We help you define your brand identity and your communication strategies to make your projects grow. Together we develop your advertising campaigns, whether print or digital, to give your message its full scope. We also do animation: Video editing and motion design, to bring your products to life.

// Visual


Visual identity

Your brand’s DNA is unique, we immerse ourselves in its story and draw on its uniqueness to illustrate its values and define its visual identity. We place it in relation to your competitive universe and your targets, then we doodle, scribble, pencil to create the graphic signs that give it meaning and make it stand out in the market.

// Packaging


Packaging design

You only have a fraction of a second to get your customers’ attention. Your product is the reflection of your brand and it must speak for you by itself.

At Sign & Volume, we shape its image to bring it to life, dress it up to give it meaning and come up with a design that will set you apart from the competition.

All this while offering you innovative solutions to support you in an eco-responsible approach.

// Campaign

Print & Digital

Print and Digital

Once you have brought your product or brand to life, it is essential to put it in the spotlight!
To do this, we create the messages that will make it visible and instantly understandable. We work with your brand’s graphic vocabulary to create meaning and coherence, so that all the print or digital media, internal or external, contribute to making it unforgettable!

// Graphic


Graphic animation

We model the most beautiful and realistic 3D images of your product before it is even manufactured. We show you all the details of your product. Then we write the tailor-made script so that your product takes the lead role in the animation video that will reveal it to the public.

And… action!


An idea, a project?

Brand creation, advertising campaign, packaging design, new product launch.
Our team of graphismes is always ready to answer to your craziest demands!