Your brand’s DNA is unique, we immerse ourselves in its story and draw on its uniqueness to illustrate its values and define its visual identity. We place it in relation to your competitive universe and your targets, then we doodle, scribble, pencil to create the graphic signs that give it meaning and make it stand out in the market.
Visual identity

Personality and position of your brand

Whether it’s a creation or a redesign, our role is above all to give you a fresh look at your brand. We will undoubtedly be the devil’s advocates, the ones who will undo and unravel everything in order to (re)build your brand territory on solid foundations. Our team brings you its sharp eye on your market’s trends, your consumer’s habits and tomorrow’s movements to place you into an increasingly competitive environment.
// Competition monitoring and benchmark
// Market analysis
// Target study
// Brainstorming
// Moodboard
// Branding
Visual identity

Logo creation

Your logo embodies your brand, its values and its commitments. It is the guardian of your DNA. Its design should therefore not be taken lightly, as everything depends on it. The development of a logo is a meticulous process that must take into account a multitude of factors. There is the symbolism, the shapes, the colours, and then there is the perception, the interpretation and the tastes of each individual. You have to know how to be part of the group in order to identify a market category, but above all you have to know how to stand out to seduce and convince. Be clear and memorable.
// Naming & Storytelling
// Colour research
// Exploration of typography
// Graphic composition
Graphic identity

Graphic charter:
secures your visual identity

Once the logo has been established, it will be necessary to define the rules and standards to be respected so that the brand’s DNA can always be identified immediately. That’s where we will establish the rules of graphic coherence for your brand: choice of shapes, colours and fonts. We integrate these graphic codes into the graphic charter, the bible of your brand identity.
//Development of your graphic universe
// Graphic codes inventory
// Definition of the rules
// Design of your graphic charter

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