You only have a fraction of a second to get your customers’ attention. Your product is the reflection of your brand and it must speak for you by itself. At Sign & Volume, we shape its image to bring it to life, dress it up to give it meaning and come up with a design that will set you apart from the competition. All this while offering you innovative solutions to support you in an eco-responsible approach.

Packaging design

Packaging design : Step 1 the volume

The first step in the creation of your product is the design of its volume. We work on the two types of packaging for your product: secondary packaging (shipping box, sleeve, film, etc.) and primary packaging (bottle, flask, case, etc.). The brief defines the needs and specificities of your brand. We then go through an analysis phase: benchmarking of the competition, trend monitoring, context of consumer usage habits, scanning of design and distribution constraints. Then comes the creative exploration phase where we question the shapes, materials, colours and materials in line with the market and your brand codes. On the technical side, we make sure to respect an eco-design process that is as environmentally friendly as possible (choice of materials, inks, etc.)

// Volume exploration
// Ergonomic study
// Eco-design

Design packaging

Packaging design : Step 2 Decor

The art of attracting attention to the content by enhancing the container.

After having thought about the volume of your product, we work on its graphic design to distinguish you from the competition. By being in line with your brand’s values and codes to be identifiable by your customers, but above all by enhancing the qualities of your product to create desirability.

// Range architecture
//Graphic design
// Colour research
// 3D images or real models

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