Kiva Drinks

animation video

The video pitch, 2 minutes to convince

No more boring presentations and dated animations. From now on, we want to showcase our projects on video!

A short and punchy format to get straight to the point and convince in a few seconds, that’s what a video is for. More fun and lively, this medium opens up greater possibilities for immersing the audience in the spirit and world of the product and its brand. 

This is the medium that Léa Nature has chosen to promote its brand new project: KIVA, a range of sparkling and natural drinks

Make your taste buds tingle through your eyes!

The Léa Nature team wanted to immerse its audience in the sparkling and colourful world of their brand new natural drinks KIVA.
We assisted them in the production of this video, which combines the editing of existing videos and the addition of motion design. The video is a dynamic, peppy way of communicating the freshness and good humour of this new range of fruity and sparkling organic drinks.

// Storyboard creation

// Animatic

// Logo Animation

// Motion Design

// Video editing

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