So’Bio étic® Clean Yuzu

Graphic Animation

Products that look more real than real

So’Bio étic is launching a new face beauty products range with organic Yuzu and we help them with their promotion campaign for their sales force.

We start by modeling the non existing range in 3D, in order to immerse the sales force in the future. Following the technical plans made by the manufacturer to model the volume to the real dimensions. Then we adjust the material rendering, black or white opaque for the tubes and transparent for the bottles. Inside the transparent bottle, we adjust the gel texture rendering to make it look as real as possible. Finally, we apply the labels and decor to each product for a finish more real than real.

Animating to serve imagination

After modelling each product as closely as possible to reality, we can put them in any situation to help our audience project themselves.

For So’Bio, we decided to bring them to life with motion design as if you could touch them through your screen.

Immerse your client in the product universe

How to make the consumer want to buy this new range among the hundreds of other existing references? How to present them the Yuzu? How do you immerse them in the sensorial universe without them having it in their hands?

This is where we use motion design!

Animations, textures, music, we create the sensorial atmosphere with the aim of stimulating the olfactory imagination.

Animations, textures, musique, nous créons l’ambiance sensorielle visuelle et sonore dans le but de stimuler l’imagination olfactive.

// Volume modeling

// 3D modeling

// Texture rendering

// Storyboard creation

// Montage vidéo

// Motion Design

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