Stérimar Sinusitis


Spray eau de mer Stérimar sinusite

Packaging design for a new product reference

For the seawater spray brand Sterimar©, we designed the packaging for the new Sterimar© Sinusitis Very Blocked Nose product. Two sprays that complete the range against cold with a little novelty: Eucalyptus essential oil.


Stérimar Sinusite

For this more technical product, our design had to find a balance between the effectiveness and naturalness of its ingredients. We worked on a picto that emphasizes the effectiveness of rapid decongestion, a novelty. We brought more technicality to the traditional blue wave by redesigning an outline, symbolic of the protective barrier of copper. Without forgetting to illustrate the new ingredient, appreciated for its natural properties.

Vitrine Stérimar Sinusite

And to promote this new product, we developed for Stérimar the promotional campaign available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Posters, POS, visuals, we are developing all the necessary tools to make the product stand out.

 // Color research

// Graphic propositions

// Packaging development

// Promotional campaign

// 3D Modeling


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