so’bio etic nutricoco

graphic animation

Sign & Volume works with So’Bio Etic for the launch their new Nutri coco range!

The major asset of So’Bio Etics products is the ingredient, which they source in the most ethical way possible. We have therefore sublimated and given all its importance to the coconut in the reveal video of their brand new Nutri Coco range.

Coconut plays the leading role in our video reveal. We choose to treat it in all its forms in order to extract all the sensoriality of its virtues: the refreshing Coconut Water and the hydrating and nourishing Coconut Oil.

In order to animate the products, we modeled all the packs of the range in 3D. These 3D visuals could then be used in all of the communication tools.

// 3D modelling of the range
// Creation of the storyboard
// Video editing
// 3D Animation

// Graphic propositions
// Page layout


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