L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary oil



L'oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil

Renewal of a packaging in a brand new format

L’Oréal Elseve wants to propose its Extraordinary Oil in a brand new single dose format, the “droplets”. Therefore, we need to rethink the existing packaging to develop this new format keeping it faithfull to the original product but with a new shape.

Loreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil French Rose

A portable format that re-examines the entire packaging and customer experience of the product. First of all, we explored the shape of the single-doses and retained the silhouette of the drop, highlighting all the sensoriality and preciousness of the oil. For its packaging, we chose a flat cardboard box in a pocket format to keep the on-the-go concept. We dressed it up with the timeless gold gradient background and the flowers of the ingredients, and gave the single-doses a central place in the heart of the pack thanks to the cut-outs.

Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil

Finally, we are designing the ready-to-sell device that will welcome them on the shelf. A display on which we put the bottle of Huile Extraordinaire in the foreground to guide the consumer towards this new format.

// Volume design

// Graphic design

// POS development

// 3D modeling

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