Joyce, brand launch

video animation

Léa Nature, infusing joy into the hot drinks department!

With its new brand Joyce, a harmonious fusion of “Joy” and “Choice”, the group is reviving the soul of teas and infusions with its sunny, tasty flavours.

A video to pitch a brand launch

Building on its leadership in the segment with Jardin Bio étic, Léa Nature is now targeting a younger audience, offering a flavoured range that evokes positive emotions for an unrivalled sensory experience. We produced a short video for them to present their brand.

We offer an immersion into Joyce’s tasteful and playful universe, on a blue sky background, like a nice peaceful bubble.

Our journey begins with a playful, catchy animation of the logo’s baseline. Inspired by the dreamlike world of these original flavours, we plunge into an ocean of infusion, where the drawn ingredients dance lightly in the air and the texts come to life in a fluid movement like the plants infusing and tinting the hot water, underlining the harmony and gentleness of this sensory experience.


It’s an invitation to get away from it all, where every sip is a warm embrace, every flavour a note of happiness.

// Storyboard creation

// Graphic elements animation

// Motion Design

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