Email Diamant 130th anniversary



Who hasn’t seen that recognisable tube and well-known silhouette in the family bathroom?

An exceptional celebration of 130 years of the iconic packaging that has marked the history of dental hygiene: Rouge Email Diamant toothpaste

Sign & Volume’s team presents its thoughtfully re-edition of Rouge Email Diamant toothpaste, combining historic charm with modernity.

Redefining elegance: the re-edition of famous packaging to celebrate its 130th anniversary.

Our aim is to capture the timeless essence of the original packaging, so that it retains its hallmarks. The silhouette of the famous opera singer remains central, above which we work an imposing 130 ans logo infusing new energy.

The typography plays an essential role in our approach. We chose a typeface with modern lines and retro accents, symbolising continuity through time.

The colour palette is inspired by the original shades of packaging, with a festive twist. Yellow gives way to an elegant gold that match with the red, which is also featured prominently on the pack.

Illustrations on the side evoke the rich history of this timeless product and tell the story of how the iconic Rouge Email Diamant has become part of our collective history.

Our graphic design project for the redesign of the packaging to mark the 130th anniversary is much more than a simple visual update. It is a celebration of the brand’s heritage, offering consumers a visual journey that is both familiar and new.

// 130 years logo design

// Gold color research

// Packaging facing rework


// Key visual composition

// Campaign construction

D// 3D render

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