Assanis disinfectant wipes


Break away from the image of traditional wipes

Disinfectant wipes don’t always have a very good reputation: too chemical, not great for the skin or for health.

But not with Assanis!

Their wipes are environmentally friendly thanks to their plant-based fibres, and skin-friendly thanks to their low alcohol content.

So how do you stand out from the competition and shake off the bad image of overly chemical and polluting wipes?

Sign & Volume has been working on this.

A design completely out of the competition habits

First of all, the colours: bye bye the hyper-saturated colours that hurts the retina only to be brighter than the neighbour. Here, we’re looking for reassuring softness, NA-TU-RAL. We’re starting with a calm, serene green background that sets it apart from the competition. To add a little tonus, we’ve enhanced it with plant elements in a stronger green and a lemony note to illustrate the Fresh fragrance.


Just as effective, but much healthier than their competitors, these wipes are a breath of fresh air in the disinfectant aisle.


A// Colour research

B// Fresh perfume illustrations

C// Packaging development

D// 3D volume modeling

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