Assanis seasonal collections


A new hydroalcoholic gel every season

It became our daily partner, we all have it in our bag and, truth be told, it doesn’t usually smell really good. Not with Assanis! With their gel, our hands are clean AND smell nice. Every season they launch a new perfume and we design the packaging.

An air of Spring

Spring is here, we all want fresh and sweet perfume! What could be more seasonal than gardens in bloom? With the delicacy of lilac and spring flowers in abundance, we dress the Assanis bottles in the colours of spring.
We cover the bottom of the bottles with tender colours, pink for Lilas délicat and water green for Spring Flower, which we embellish with monochrome flowers. The typography of the label is also decorated with spring colours and flowers.

Summer aroma

Sea, sun and coconut trees, here are the 2 summer flavour for the new Assanis gel. The first one, Tropical, represents the sweet mariage between pineapple and coconut with a light orange. The second one, Monoï du paradis, is wearing a summer blue gradient with a bold pink name sublimated by a Tiare flowers crown.

Perfumed hydroalcoholic gel

// Graphic research

// Vector drawing

// Printing documents

B// Pattern exploration

C// Packaging development

D// 3D volume modelling

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