Assanis : Scented hydroalcoholic gels


A season a fragrance

A new season means new Assanis hydro gel fragrances!
For this SS2023 collection, the fragrances are extra-sweet, and so are the graphics. XXL versions of strawberry and raspberry, so you can smell it just by looking at it!

Visually scented

For summer, what could be more refreshing and delicious than a melon or a watermelon! You don’t want to choose? Well, Assanis has brought them together in its brand new Melon Watermelon Hydroalcoholic Gel, and we’ve designed a graphic of it. From fruity pep to tangy colours, disinfecting your hands has never been so pleasant.
scented hydroalcoholic Gels SS2023

// Graphic & color research

// Vector design

// Graphic composition

// Print file preparation

B// Graphic pattern

C// Packaging development

D// 3D render


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