Assanis: Hydroalcoholic sented gels


scented hydroalcoholic Gels SS2023

Two new perfume “à la française”

At Assanis, every season brings a new edition. For this summer, the brand has renewed its trust in us and offered us the opportunity to start from scratch to write the new story of their limited edition fragrances.

For the SS2024 collection, we’re plunging into the olfactory world of childhood in France: “Senteur d’antan”, a fragrance with sweet notes that evoke the smell of the bakery in the early morning or the smell of grandma’s cake baking gently in the oven. And “Lavande de Provence”, which takes us straight to the purple fields to the sound of cicadas.

With our eyes closed, we immerse ourselves in these new smells to see where our imagination takes us.

Our illustrations depict these 2 scents on the new Assanis hydro gel packs, so that what you see is what you’ll smell…

scented hydroalcoholic Gels SS2023

Ultra realistic 3D render

Do you like this picture?

It’s worth noting that no photographer was involved in this scene – it’s a composition created entirely in 3D!

The ultra-realitic render is stuning. And we can do the same for your products.

// Graphic and colour research

// Vector drawing

// Graphic composition

// Preparing print files

B// Graphic exploration of motifs

C// Development of complete packaging

D// Modelling of 3D volumes


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