Translating a flavor into graphics

Each year, for the end of year festivities, Nespresso Vertuo launches a new Limited Edition flavor. A collection of bold flavors inspired by traditional flavors: Pumpkin Spice Cake, pumpkin and spice for Halloween, Peppermint Pinwheel, peppermint candy to wait for Christmas and Gingerbread, gingerbread for a warm holiday.

Transcribing a flavor visually appeals to all our senses.
Through meticulous creative work, we translate the delicacy of these subtle flavors through a graphic choreography of flavors: diffracted design of pumpkin facets, swirling volutes of peppermint candies, dance of stars evoking the decorations of gingerbread cakes…

Elaboration and visualization of the concept to enter the specific universe of the perfume, creation of each of the motifs while respecting the technical constraints, realization of the printing document for the production, 3D visualization of the finalized packaging, we intervened on all the stages of the creation of the decoration of the case and the capsule.


Pumpkin Spice Cake: Diffracted design inspired by the bold flavors of the Pumpkin Spice Cake recipe.
Peppermint: Revisit the delicate freshness of traditional Christmas candy with this dance of swirls in a cameo of frosted green.
Gingerbread: A dance of stars on the pack, inspired by the warm and subtle flavors of Christmas cakes.

// Moodboard composition
// Graphic explorations
// Packaging development
// 3D modelling

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