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Welcome home


Creative home, graphic design and communication.
We could have said communication agency or creative studio, but at S&V it’s more than that: it’s just like home.
Good mood and collaboration, sprinkled with a lot of creativity.

The "gniak"

Here at Sign & Volume, we have a mantra: The “gniak”!
The… what? The gniak!
Meaning energy, motivation, passion, collaboration, engagement, desire, proximity, and most of all créativité and réactivité. (creativity and responsiveness)


For us, creativité always rimes with réactivité, you won’t be waiting weeks to hear on your projects.
We always answer the quickest to your briefs, debriefs and rebriefs!

The family

Sign & Volume is more than a team, it’s a family.
Sharing and caring are part of our daily life!
These are the values we wish to share with you.

Work from the heart

At S&V, our passion is to bring your project to life, which is why we always work from the heart.



We specialise in the design of your product packaging, but not only! We help you define your brand identity and your communication strategies to make your projects grow. Together we develop your advertising campaigns, whether print or digital, to give your message its full scope. We also do animation: Video editing and motion design, to bring your products to life.

// Visual


Visual identity

// Packaging


Packaging design

// Campaign

Print & Digital

Print and Digital

// Graphic


Graphic animation



So'Bio Etic Nutricoco
Vidéo Jardin Bio Etic


An idea, a project?

Brand creation, advertising campaign, packaging design, new product launch.
Our team of graphismes is always ready to answer to your craziest demands!

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